Experienced, Focused, and Specialized Consultants

Arcarius Group is a full-service professional recruiting firm that provides effective, efficient, and innovative staffing solutions for our clients.

We excel in consulting locally-based and nationally-recognized clients to enhance & expand their business operations through attracting, recruiting, and retaining top quality talent in the functional areas of Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources. Our team’s focus is on creating and maintaining long-term relationships based on trust and transparency, rather than focusing solely on making a placement.

By concentrating our service around you and your business, we can better obtain an in-depth understanding of the talent you need that possesses the appropriate combination of technical skills, experience, and personality to fit your unique corporate culture. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have backgrounds in Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources. This industry expertise helps create a value-added partnership between the recruiter and hiring manager by ensuring that your needs are understood in every search process. This results in an efficient recruiting process that will generate an effective placement with an exceptional candidate.

Our Tailored Methodology

Not every candidate, no matter how good on paper, is the perfect fit for every business. It takes a complete understanding of you and your company to find the right addition to your team. As internal hiring processes often takes away valuable time from your daily business operations, Arcarius Group will help eliminate the stress and demands involved with finding the right employee.

Our search starts by identifying the specific needs of your company and pinpointing the ideal qualities you envision in a fully qualified candidate. By  understanding your business and the specificities of the position, it allows for us to treat each search independently to provide a tailored solution in an efficient way. With value added in every step, each of our search processes consists of:


At Arcarius Group, our primary objective is to find the right fit that is specifically tailored for your organization, every time.

Versatile Solutions to Address Your Hiring Needs

Permanent Placements
Consistency is an important factor when building a department that is long-term. When it comes to direct hires, an organization must find the right pieces that fit the specific corporate culture you have in place. Additionally, you must also have employees that possess the experience you need to realize the goals and vision that your company has. Arcarius Group will help you find the right fit.

Interim Contract Solutions
When fluctuation in staffing requirements arise due to issues such as economic factors or from temporary leaves of absence by staff, your company must adapt to address these changes by bridging the gap with immediate short-term staffing solutions to keep your departmental operations on track. Arcarius Group will help to ensure your operations do not skip a beat by recruiting and placing experienced interim staff for your temporary needs.

Project Consulting Resources
At times, new projects and their related workload can put a strain on your existing staff. Outsourcing this work to qualified contractors may be the best solution for the project to be completed within time constraints. Arcarius Group can coordinate and provide you with qualified professionals in our industry specialties to produce project results that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our Fee Structures

Arcarius Group offers a variety of fee arrangements to service our clients. Depending on the complexity of the search process and method of hiring you are interested in executing, we can arrange a specific fee model that will help facilitate the process. These fee models include retained and contingency-based placements.

Our Retained Search service is used primarily in dedicated searches for executive positions, top-tier management roles, and specifically disciplined career positions. Our Contingency Search service provides a results-oriented fee structure for direct placements. In contingency arrangements, an engagement fee is not needed to start the search process and we only charge a placement fee upon the finalized recruitment of a candidate that results in a successful new hire.

Regardless of a retained or contingency search process, be rest assured that our team will work diligently with your organization to find the talent you need. Throughout each search process, you can count on our exceptional expertise, dedicated professionalism, and proven results. Your search is our focus.

Let’s Get Started

In order to compete in today’s business environment, companies need the experience of top quality talent to execute increasing complex business operations and initiatives. Arcarius Group works to deliver exceptional candidates that generate considerable value to your business.

With extensive experience and long-standing relationships in the South Florida market, our team has been a consistent and trusted resource for our clients, candidates, and consultants alike. Arcarius Group is your comprehensive source for your talent acquisition needs. We look forward to working with you.

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